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  • T21 Trigger Sprayer-T2161

T21 Trigger Sprayer-T2161

T21 series are competitive products with wide selection of shapes and functions.
Can be customized with a wide range of colors and designs.
The product uses the environmental protection material.
Closure Size:28/400,28/410-1,28/410-2,28/415,28 Ratchet,28PCO.

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  • T21 Trigger Sprayer-T2161
  • T21 Trigger Sprayer-T2161
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Like other trigger sprayer, round nozzle trigger sprayer also provide a variety of combination for closure, trigger and cover.28/410 trigger sprayer will bring levels of safety not yet experienced as the liquid is dispensed with a high enough force to ensure delivery clear of the nozzle, which eliminates any drips falling on the user's hand.

Nozzle Options:Sprayer/Stream

T20 Series Trigger Sprayer Dosage:0.8±0.1CC

The Nozzle,trigger,Main Body,Shroud,Tube Retainer,Closure are PP;Spin Mechanism si LDPE;Gasket and tube are PE;Piston is HDPE;Non-return Valve is Rubber;Two Springs are SUS 304H;Two Ball Valve are Glass.

Materials can be customized according to customer's demand.

Bloopak’s trigger sprayer can fit variety of closures and triggers.