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  • PET Cosmetic Jar-PET89

PET Cosmetic Jar-PET89

Bloopak’s hot-selling PET JAR series are shatter resistant and very durable .With Light weight, high transparency, high sealing and penetration performance, especially high transparency performance is very superior, the product form appearance quality status of the package after encapsulation is clear .

All kinds of capacity, two options material for lid ( aluminium & plastic ), customizable jar color
Wide range of use for packing Pasta & farfalle, cookie & candy, tea-leaf, nuts…
It also can be used for organic natural body cream lotion.

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  • PET Cosmetic Jar-PET89
  • PET Cosmetic Jar-PET89
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Bloopaks plastic jars are manufactured and audited to co-inside with Eurpean Standards. Each jar is designed to with work creams and lotions or a number of other applications. Bloopaks strict policies have enabled us to achieve and continually maintain ISO-9001 certification.



Place of original

YuYao Zhejiang China

Size :

92.5*37mm, 92.5*52.5mm, 92.5*65mm, 92.5*69mm, 92.5*84mm, 92.5*91mm, 92.5*100mm, 92.5*145mm, 92.5*177mm







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