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  • Mist Sprayer M6020

Mist Sprayer M6020

Bloopak’s Mist Sprayer M6020 is ideal for hair care products, anti-bacterial or disinfectant spray, fresheners, cleaners and other personal skin care products.

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  • Mist Sprayer M6020
  • Mist Sprayer M6020
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The crimp sprayer fits the glass perfume bottles, outstanding atomization and priming capabilities, easy actuation head, crimp sprayer is ideal for hair care. perfume and personal care products requiring fine mist or spray atomization, also suitable for car care products. The material of crimp sprayer with aluminum material, metal cover with dosage of 0.1-0.14CC. Crimp sprayer has many types, the head to be plastic or all aluminum, and also with the whole overcap design.



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