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  • Cosmetic Jar-J86

Cosmetic Jar-J86

high quality manufacturer of plastic cosmetic jar for cream.
Bloopak’s Jars have many colorful products besides the new style.
Bloopak uses sustainable material.
The jars strictly according to ISO9001.
Are sensual, soft and silky to the touch
Resist breakage and are tough
Can contain pearl and nacre effects on the internal insert

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  • Cosmetic Jar-J86
  • Cosmetic Jar-J86
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Bloopak is based on the good processing and toughness properties of PP materials , changed the traditional shape of the jar round .With the different from the round shape ,in this series , the shape that looks like a wine jar .

Give you a different visual enjoyment .The volume contains 5ml to 30ml for your choice .

Size :
32.5*24mm,40.5*29mm,48*35.5mm, 48*40mm
Lead Time
Within 30 days after reveived deposit
Available with fee
wholesale makeup according our company or inform us

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