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  • All Plastic trigger Sprayer-T2964

All Plastic trigger Sprayer-T2964

All plastic trigger sprayer is made of plastic and is more friendly to the environment. The increasing inclination towards eco-friendly products has contributed to a trend that many detergent manufacturers have ditched the traditional cosmetic packaging to give way to environmentally friendly trigger sprayers.All plastic trigger sprayer is a good choice.

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  • All Plastic trigger Sprayer-T2964
  • All Plastic trigger Sprayer-T2964
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These trigger sprayers have been used in the home care, garden care, pet care and auto care industries. They are popular for hard surface household cleaners, carpet stain & odor remover, insecticides, air fresheners and laundry care products to name a few.
Features and Benefits:
premium spray & foam patterns, minimal fall-off, perpetually primed
Eco-friendly product with all plastic construction
Recyclable with 100% Plastics
Variety of spray and foam patterns available
Multiple outputs available

Nozzle Options
Discharge rate
Lead Time
Within 30 days after reveived deposit
Length or tube
Depend on your choice
Available with fee
wholesale makeup according our company or inform us

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